Friday Night Lights (2006)


Genre: Drama , Sport

Plot: The trials and tribulations of small town Texas football players, their friends, family, and coaching staff. The trials and tribulations of small town Texas football players, their friends, family, and coaching staff. Read More



Episode 13: Always
Episode 12: Texas Whatever
Episode 11: The March
Episode 10: Don't Go
Episode 9: Gut Check
Episode 8: Fracture
Episode 7: Perfect Record
Episode 6: Swerve
Episode 5: Kingdom
Episode 4: Keep Looking
Episode 3: The Right Hand of the Father
Episode 2: On the Outside Looking In
Episode 1: Expectations
Episode 13: Thanksgiving
Episode 12: Laboring
Episode 11: Injury List
Episode 10: I Can't
Episode 9: The Lights in Carroll Park
Episode 8: Toilet Bowl
Episode 7: In the Bag
Episode 6: Stay
Episode 5: The Son
Episode 4: A Sort of Homecoming
Episode 3: In the Skin of a Lion
Episode 2: After the Fall
Episode 1: East of Dillon
Episode 13: Tomorrow Blues
Episode 12: Underdogs
Episode 11: A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall
Episode 10: The Giving Tree
Episode 9: Game of the Week
Episode 8: New York, New York
Episode 7: Keeping Up Appearances
Episode 6: It Ain't Easy Being J.D. McCoy
Episode 5: Every Rose Has Its Thorn
Episode 4: Hello, Goodbye
Episode 3: How the Other Half Lives
Episode 2: Tami Knows Best
Episode 1: I Knew You When
Episode 15: May the Best Man Win
Episode 14: Leave No One Behind
Episode 13: Humble Pie
Episode 12: Who Do You Think You Are?
Episode 11: Jumping the Gun
Episode 10: There Goes the Neighborhood
Episode 9: The Confession
Episode 8: Seeing Other People
Episode 7: Pantherama!
Episode 6: How Did I Get Here
Episode 5: Let's Get It On
Episode 4: Backfire
Episode 3: Are You Ready for Friday Night?
Episode 2: Bad Ideas
Episode 1: Last Days of Summer
Episode 22: State
Episode 21: Best Laid Plans
Episode 20: Mud Bowl
Episode 19: Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes
Episode 18: Extended Families
Episode 17: I Think We Should Have Sex
Episode 16: Black Eyes and Broken Hearts
Episode 15: Blinders
Episode 14: Upping the Ante
Episode 13: Little Girl I Wanna Marry You
Episode 12: What to Do While You're Waiting
Episode 11: Nevermind
Episode 10: It's Different for Girls
Episode 9: Full Hearts
Episode 8: Crossing the Line
Episode 7: Homecoming
Episode 6: El Accidente
Episode 5: Git'er Done
Episode 4: Who's Your Daddy
Episode 3: Wind Sprints
Episode 2: Eyes Wide Open
Episode 1: Pilot