Dr. Ken (2015)


Genre: Comedy

Plot: A frustrated doctor juggles his career, marriage, and family. A frustrated doctor juggles his career, marriage, and family. Read More



Episode 22: Ken's Big Audition
Episode 21: Clark's Big Surprise
Episode 20: Ken and the CEO
Episode 19: Ken's Professor
Episode 18: Allison Finds a Lump
Episode 17: Pat's Rash
Episode 16: A Dr. Ken Valentine's Day
Episode 15: Ken and the Basketball Star
Episode 14: A Day in the Life
Episode 13: Jae Meets the Parks
Episode 12: Ken's New Intern
Episode 11: A Park Family Christmas
Episode 10: Ken's Apology
Episode 9: D.K's New Girlfriend
Episode 8: Allison's Thanksgiving Meltdown
Episode 7: Dave Goes on Shark Tank
Episode 6: Ken Learns Korean
Episode 5: D.K.'s Korean Ghost Story
Episode 4: Dr. Ken: Child of Divorce
Episode 3: Ken's Banquet Snub
Episode 2: Ken and Allison Share a Patient
Episode 1: Allison's Career Move
Episode 22: S01E22
Episode 21: Korean Men's Club
Episode 20: Dave's Sex Talk
Episode 19: Ken's an Expert Witness
Episode 18: Dicky Wexler's Last Show
Episode 17: Ken at the Concert
Episode 16: Meeting Molly's Boyfriend
Episode 15: The Wedding Sitter
Episode 14: Dave's Valentine
Episode 13: D.K. And the Dishwasher
Episode 12: Ken's Physical
Episode 11: Delayed in Honolulu
Episode 10: The Master Scheduler
Episode 9: Ken Cries Foul
Episode 8: Thanksgiving Culture Clash
Episode 7: Dr. Wendi: Coming to LA!
Episode 6: Ken Teaches Molly a Lesson
Episode 5: Halloween-Aversary
Episode 4: Kevin O'Connell
Episode 3: Ken Helps Pat
Episode 2: The Seminar
Episode 1: Pilot