Declassified: Untold Stories of American Spies (2016)


Genre: Thriller

Plot: Former CIA agents tell their memories of service. Former CIA agents tell their memories of service. Read More



Episode 8: Operation Firewall: The Takedown of Shadowcrew
Episode 7: The Merchant of Death: Viktor Bout
Episode 6: Buried Secrets, Unbreakable Codes
Episode 5: The Spy Game: Russian Espionage
Episode 4: Hunting War Criminals
Episode 3: The Terrorists Next Door: Operation Smokescreen
Episode 2: The Norte Valle Cartel
Episode 1: Tracking Terror: The 9/11 Subway Plot
Episode 8: THE NICHOLSONS: A Spy and His Son
Episode 7: HUNTING the ORDER: An American Terrorist Story
Episode 6: Crack 99: Defense Secrets for Sale
Episode 4: HAJI BAGCHO: The Godfather of Heroin
Episode 3: TERROR in the SKY: To Catch a Hijacker
Episode 2: The Peacock: Merchant of War
Episode 1: Operation Ghost Stories: The Spies Next Door