Chicago Med (2015)


Genre: Drama

Plot: An emotional thrill ride through the day-to-day chaos of the city's most explosive hospital and the courageous team of doctors who hold it together... An emotional thrill ride through the day-to-day chaos of the city's most explosive hospital and the courageous team of doctors who hold it together... Read More

Next Episode Date: Apr 9th



Episode 18: S05E18
Episode 17: The Ghosts of the Past
Episode 16: Who Should Be the Judge
Episode 15: Episode
Episode 14: It May Not Be Forever
Episode 13: Pain Is for the Living
Episode 12: Leave the Choice to Solomon
Episode 11: The Ground Shifts Beneath Us
Episode 10: Guess It Doesn't Matter Anymore
Episode 9: I Can't Imagine the Future
Episode 8: The Mote and the Beam
Episode 7: Who Knows What Tomorrow Brings
Episode 6: It's All in the Family
Episode 5: Got a Friend in Me
Episode 4: Infection
Episode 3: In the Valley of the Shadows
Episode 2: We're Lost in the Dark
Episode 1: Never Going Back to Normal
Episode 22: With a Brave Heart
Episode 21: Forever Hold Your Peace
Episode 20: More Harm Than Good
Episode 19: Never Let You Go
Episode 18: Tell Me the Truth
Episode 17: The Space Between Us
Episode 16: Old Flames, New Sparks
Episode 15: We Hold These Truths
Episode 14: Can't Unring That Bell
Episode 13: Ghosts in the Attic
Episode 12: The Things We Do
Episode 11: Who Can You Trust
Episode 10: All the Lonely People
Episode 9: Death Do Us Part
Episode 8: Play by My Rules
Episode 7: The Poison Inside Us
Episode 6: Lesser of Two Evils
Episode 5: What You Don't Know
Episode 4: Backed Against the Wall
Episode 3: Heavy Is the Head
Episode 2: When To Let Go
Episode 1: Be My Better Half
Episode 20: The Tipping Point
Episode 19: Crisis Of Confidence
Episode 18: This Is Now
Episode 17: The Parent Trap
Episode 16: An Inconvenient Truth
Episode 15: Devil in Disguise
Episode 14: Lock It Down
Episode 13: Best Laid Plans
Episode 12: Born This Way
Episode 11: Episode #3.11
Episode 10: Episode #3.10
Episode 9: On Shaky Ground
Episode 8: Lemons and Lemonade
Episode 7: Over Troubled Water
Episode 6: Ties That Bind
Episode 5: Mountains and Molehills
Episode 4: Naughty or Nice
Episode 3: Trust Your Gut
Episode 2: Chicago Med
Episode 1: Chicago Med
Episode 23: Love Hurts
Episode 22: White Butterflies
Episode 21: Deliver Us
Episode 20: Generation Gap
Episode 19: Ctrl Alt
Episode 18: Lessons Learned
Episode 17: Monday Mourning
Episode 16: Prisoner's Dilemma
Episode 15: Lose Yourself
Episode 14: Cold Front
Episode 13: Theseus' Ship
Episode 12: Mirror Mirror
Episode 11: Graveyard Shift
Episode 10: Heart Matters
Episode 9: Uncharted Territory
Episode 8: Free Will
Episode 7: Inherent Bias
Episode 6: Alternative Medicine
Episode 5: Extreme Measures
Episode 4: Brother's Keeper
Episode 3: Natural History
Episode 2: Win Loss
Episode 1: Soul Care
Episode 18: Timing
Episode 17: Withdrawal
Episode 16: Disorder
Episode 15: Inheritance
Episode 14: Hearts
Episode 13: Us
Episode 12: Guilty
Episode 11: Intervention
Episode 10: Clarity
Episode 9: Choices
Episode 8: Reunion
Episode 7: Saints
Episode 6: Bound
Episode 5: Malignant
Episode 4: Mistaken
Episode 3: Fallback
Episode 2: iNO
Episode 1: Derailed