Baby Daddy (2012)


Genre: Comedy , Drama , Family , Romance

Plot: A 20-something bachelor bartender becomes an unlikely parent when an ex-girlfriend leaves a baby girl on his doorstep. A 20-something bachelor bartender becomes an unlikely parent when an ex-girlfriend leaves a baby girl on his doorstep. Read More



Episode 11: Daddy's Girl
Episode 10: What's in the Box?!
Episode 9: The Rebound
Episode 8: You Cruise, You Lose
Episode 7: The Sonny-Moon
Episode 6: The Third Wheeler
Episode 5: When Elle Freezes Over
Episode 4: A Mother of a Day
Episode 3: Ben Rides a Unicorn
Episode 2: Pro and Con
Episode 1: To Elle and Back
Episode 20: My Fair Emma
Episode 19: Condom Conundrum
Episode 18: She Said, Ben Said
Episode 17: The Love Seat
Episode 16: Double Date Double Down
Episode 15: Unholy Matrimony
Episode 14: Not So Great Grandma
Episode 13: High School Diplomacy
Episode 12: Ben-semination
Episode 11: Trial by Liar
Episode 10: Homecoming and Going
Episode 9: Stupid Cupid
Episode 8: Room-Mating
Episode 7: The Return of the Mommy
Episode 6: Never Ben Jealous
Episode 5: The Dating Game
Episode 4: The Tuck Stops Here
Episode 3: Ben-geance
Episode 2: Reinventing the Wheeler
Episode 1: Love and Carriage
Episode 22: It's a Nice Day for a Wheeler Wedding
Episode 21: What Happens in Vegas
Episode 20: Till Dress Do Us Part
Episode 19: Ring Around the Party
Episode 18: Parental Guidance Suggested
Episode 17: Wheeler War
Episode 16: Lowering the Bar
Episode 15: One Night Stand Off
Episode 14: It Takes a Village Idiot
Episode 13: Home Is Where the Wheeler Is
Episode 12: A Love/Fate Relationship
Episode 11: You Give Real Estate a Bad Name
Episode 10: Happy Birthday Two You
Episode 9: An Officer and a Gentle Ben
Episode 8: House of Cards
Episode 7: The Mother of All Dates
Episode 6: Over My Dead Bonnie
Episode 5: Mugging for the Camera
Episode 4: I See Crazy People
Episode 3: She Loves Me, She Loves Me Note
Episode 2: It's a Wonderful Emma
Episode 1: Strip or Treat
Episode 21: You Can't Go Home Again
Episode 20: All Aboard the Love Train
Episode 19: Foos It or Lose It
Episode 18: Baby Steps
Episode 17: Flirty Dancing
Episode 16: Curious Georgie
Episode 15: From Here to Paternity
Episode 14: Livin' on a Prom
Episode 13: Play It Again, Bonnie
Episode 12: Send in the Clowns
Episode 11: The Wingmom
Episode 10: An Affair Not to Remember
Episode 9: Go Brit or Go Home
Episode 8: A Knight to Remember
Episode 7: The Bet
Episode 6: Romancing the Phone
Episode 5: Life's a Beach
Episode 4: Bonnie's Unreal Estate
Episode 3: Lights! Camera! No Action!
Episode 2: The Lying Game
Episode 1: The Naked Truth
Episode 16: Emma's First Christmas
Episode 15: Surprise!
Episode 14: The Playdate's the Thing/The Emma Dilemma
Episode 13: All Riled Up
Episode 12: The Christening
Episode 11: Whatever Lola Wants
Episode 10: Test Anxiety
Episode 9: All's Flair in Love and War
Episode 8: Never Ben in Love
Episode 7: On the Lamb-y
Episode 6: Ben's Big Gay-Care Adventure
Episode 5: The Slump
Episode 4: New Bonnie vs. Old Ben
Episode 3: The Wheeler and the Dealer
Episode 2: There's Something Fitchy Going On
Episode 1: I'm Not That Guy
Episode 10: Something Borrowed, Something Ben
Episode 9: A Wheeler Family Christmas Outing
Episode 8: The Daddy Whisperer
Episode 7: May the Best Friend Win
Episode 6: Take Her Out of the Ballgame
Episode 5: Married to the Job
Episode 4: Guys, Interrupted
Episode 3: The Nurse and the Curse
Episode 2: I Told You So
Episode 1: Pilot